Przetarg 5120643 - Catering Services. Providing healthy and good quality...

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źródło Biuletyn Unijnych Zamówień Publicznych (TED)
data publikacji 2017-05-11
przedmiot ogłoszenia
Catering Services.
Providing healthy and good quality catering services at Wickersley Partnership Trust's current seven primary schools and 1 of its secondary schools, with the potential to
expand the service to any schools which join the Trust in future.Please note that the site visits to the schools involved will take place on 17th/18th/23rd/24th/25th May 2017.Please note that this tender falls under the regulations of the Light Touch Regime of The Public Contracts Regulations 2015. The Trust reserves the right not to award the contract which is the subject of this tender and reserves the right to terminate the procurement process at any time. The Trust will not be liable for any costs incurred by those expressing an interest in tendering or tendering for this contract opportunity.Interested parties should request the tender documentation and respond with your intention to submit a bid, or otherwise, by no later than midday on Tuesday 16.5.2017 using the corresponding Form of Acknowledgement.
branża Gastronomia, catering
podbranża żywienie zbiorowe
kody CPV 55524000
forma przetarg nieograniczony
typ ogłoszenia usługi, wykonanie
kraj realizacji Wielka Brytania
województwo realizacji
kraj organizatora Wielka Brytania
województwo organizatora

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